Documentary Films

We have mainly two Youtube Channels.”Hitesh Architect” channel is about Architecture and
“Hitesh Speaker” channel contains philosophical and motivational speeches by our Proprietor.
After viewing all these Educational yet Entertaining Short films, you will know how Architecture
affects every moment of your life and almost all about our Architectural Firm.
So, Sit back, Relax and enjoy these wonderful and unique Short Films on our youtube channel
at the following link

Proprietor’s Introduction

Trailer of Documentary Film "Poetics of Architecture"

In Hindi
In English

This film is unique as it Defines,Elaborates and Educates about what Architecture is and how it affects your life every moment. It has Poems,Drawings,Photographs,Videos and Animations of the best Modern as well as Traditional Architecture of the world with soothing music.It reveals many secrets about the Traditional Indian Temple Architecture and also suggests how like Yoga the Traditional Indian Architecture can add to the Global Culture.

Biography of Architect Hitesh H Sompura In Hindi

In Hindi
In English

A unique and interesting story of our Proprietor’s life,his family background,upbringing and work

Poem:Architecture In Hindi

In Hindi
In English

A poem that defines and explains about Architecture in an Audio-Visual format with music.

Sompura Gaurav Geet

Walkthroughs of our projects

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Motivational/Philosophical Speeches by Hitesh H Sompura on “Hitesh Speaker" Channel