Our proprietor Architect Hitesh H Sompura has written the popular book "You & Architecture".

It was published by in February 2009.The book is about how architecture affects every moment of the common man's life.

The book has text,photos,drawings,poems about Architecture.It is priced at Indian Rupees Rs.300/-

Cover Page of the book.

Index Page of the book

About the book

In this book, we will know what is the importance of Architecture in your life.

Then we will talk about the difference, between the Traditional and Modern Architecture.

After which, we will talk about how the two can be combined.

We will know how the Architectural style and elements of the Traditional Indian Architecture can be used in the Contemporary General Architecture, as it was done in the Gateway of India.

It is interesting to note that British architect George Wittet was inspired by Indian Temples in the design of “Gateway of India” during British rule in India.And we, after 60 years of independence, are still copying from the European churches and other Foreign styles of architecture.

We will discuss how we can make our Indian Architectural style popular all over the world instead of copying from foreign countries.

Then, we will discuss in detail the Traditional and specifically the Temple Architecture of India.

We will also discuss about the “Sompura” community which specializes in designing these traditional temples.

So, welcome to the world of Architecture !

Author's word

The purpose of writing this book is to start a conversation or a revolution or anything in between about Architecture.

We hardly ever talk about Architecture.Because very few people understand what Architecture really is and how important it is in our life.

Architects by law are not allowed to advertise their service.Many books on Architecture are too full of technical details for a common man to sustain interest in reading them fully.And therefore, the art of Architecture continues to remain a mystery for those outside this wonderful profession.

This book is deliberately kept simple and lucid in language and short in length to sustain everybody's interest till the last page.

The surprising and complex facts are explained with the most familiar common day examples to keep them easy to understand.

As more and more people will read and talk about Architecture,the mystique around the Architectural profession will dissolve.People will be able to differentiate between the good and bad architecture.This will generate a demand for good Architecture which builders,architects and town planners will supply.This will improve the quality of Architecture.Which, in turn, w ill improve the quality of life and will make the world a better place to live in.

The format of the book is of an Interview so that the Frequently Asked Questions are answered precisely.

So, let's talk about Architecture...................Let a revolution begin..... !

- Author